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Example of flight preparation


For the first step on the way to professional aerial photography, the FALCON CREST AIR uses one of a total of three special photo aircraft, each with 3 pilot crews.(see flight photographic technology)

The aircraft depart from the respective "home airport" or are stationed near the planned operational areas (depending on the weather).

The operational coordinates are taken over by the office of our Flight Operations Manager.

The aircraft is equipped with various professional precision optics, depending on the requirements of the parcels to be approached, areas or objects.

By submitting the marked corridor or city maps of the adjacent land, these data are transferred to the pilot during the flight and then entered into the onboard computer.

The aircraft is controlled using CCNS (Computer Controlled Navigation System) and GPS (Global Positioning System), a satellite navigation system.

Various digital cameras are used for the different applications and requirements for the creation of aerial photographs, aerial video at day and night.

The aerial video video raw material is edited, cut, as well as music and company logo in our film & music studio. (See aerial video)

The finished product, such as aerial photo, video film, soundtrack + company logo, is sent to the customer.



Example: planning Sylt Island flight (PDF)

Beispiel: planning  Frankfurt am Main flight (PDF)

  1. Overview card
  2. Detailed map
  3. Stand photo
  4. Flown final material (aerial photo)

Overview map

Detail map



Details Digital in Format .kmz for Google Earth


Normal Photo

Flown Stuff (Aireal Photo)

Flown Stuff (Aireal Photo)

Area Map Hafencampus

Detail Map Hafencampus

Geflogenes Material

Harburg 2014
Harburg 2014
Harburg 2014
Harburg 2014






Area Map Cargo Train Station Maschen
















Detail Map Cargo Train Station Maschen















Flown Stuff

Maschen - Güterbahnhof
Maschen - Güterbahnhof
Maschen - Güterbahnhof
Maschen - Güterbahnhof